Author Update: Suzanne’s Summer Days

 I live in northern California. Way northern California, as in 280 miles north of San Francisco. The climate here is moderate, the most moderate in the continental United States. For gardeners that means an astonishing variety of plants grow here, making gardening marvelously satisfying.

Summer has arrived and the garden is bursting with produce. This time of year is so much fun. And yes, the weeds are also growing like, well, weeds. 

The lettuces, which grow year round here, are exquisite and for the moment the snails are generally leaving them alone. 

The onions are spectacularly sweet and large (I made some fried onion rings and they were glorious!). 

One of my granddaughters, who lives a block or so away, and I picked most of radishes a few days ago, so I planted more today. She is 5 years old and delights in pulling anything out of the ground, including carrots and onions, as well as radishes. 

The zucchini are preparing to conquer this part of the county; they are that abundant and it is only July. (The joke up here in northern California is that you MUST lock your car doors or someone with fill your car with bags of zucchini.) Some of them will be pan fried, some will go to neighbors, and some will get shredded and frozen for muffins this winter. If you have a favorite zucchini muffin recipe, I’d love to see it. Please share it in the comments.

My nearby granddaughter and I regularly check on the blueberries, but they have at least two weeks before they will be ripe enough to eat. Same with the boysenberries, except we found a few random sweet ones. There are some delicious muffins and pies in the near future and I can hardly wait. 

 Oh, and the farmers’ markets are exploding with flowers and produce. I hope you have one nearby to enjoy.



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